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The Idea Process

By Samantha Chambers

Eine Glühbirne in absoluter Dunkelheit, nur leicht glimmend.
Anhören statt lesen

You lie awake at night

Your mind just circling around

All you wanna do is sleep.

But there is no rest to be found.

The reason for it, only you can tell

And you say to yourself: All is well

It’s Fine, go to sleep

And turn on some music

But still there no dreams

Instead there are Muses.

It is ideas that keep you awake

It’s new things and inventions that take

All the time of you’re night

And the fear that if you close your eye’s

You forget.

So light on, pen out,

Paper close at hand,

Cause you know

This has not been the first time

It kept you awake.

All is well

The idea is on paper

But still

You’re awake.

Cause this was not the only idea you had

There is something else.

Are you mad?

No. This one comes right from the top.

Maybe a new product in stock.

So your mind keeps circling on

Until the long yearning down.

But then the real work begins

How to choose from all this things:

Is it this or that

No to do this you need that

But you want this as well

Why can’t someone tell

Me to do

What is true

Or maybe it’s you

So You’re spending the day

Eine glimmende Glühbirne in völliger Dunkelheit über einer Hand schwebend.

Drifting away

And in the end

All time is spent

Doing what?

You guessed it perhaps


So you’re back where you were

No goals to share

Just the comfort of your bed

And maybe tonight you’ll be glad

To finde a night as short as can be

Cause you spent it without dreams

And no notions to keep you awake


Is it this or that

Can it be like that

No this won’t work

Or will this hurt

No I won’t do that

Maybe I buy a cat

To calm me down

Before I drown

So I spend the next day

Just pushing play

Watching clip after clip

About this cute little blip

Purring in sync

With my jam-packt brain

And you’ll guess what I’m saying

No use for praying

Another day wasted

But I won’t call it wasted

Cause there’s still a chance that

I’ll find my spirit

And I can kill it

To just pick the one

And get something done

But is it that or this

Was it just a bliss

No it’s true this time

No need to rhyme

Get up and start

With a brand new part

Of your life

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